Made in loving preparation for the album "854" to be release in the UK this fall-- as EYELIDS OR-- we asked our friends at The West Coast Wrestling Connection to help us out.  Bodies fall and faces melt....!    Pre-orders of the record include an exclusive 4 song CD that includes cover versions we've done of The Clean, John Cale, The Moles & Dream Syndicate.   You can order over the CD or LP by clicking HERE.


Lots of news and good for you:

John and Chris were on Faces On The Radio--you can listen HERE as they chant about the past, Pollard, pants & plums--the future, fans, figs & follies...   It's fantastic...

On the HOTTEST day of the year Eyelids performed some songs and were interviewed by OPB's David Christensen.    Click HERE to watch and listen.  Also this will be the only time you will ever see a member of Eyelids in shorts... it was deeply upsetting to us and we apologize...

And rhanks to all who came out to the record release shows in Seattle and Portland last week...  It was lovely times!!!   

And don't forget those who send us snail mail to our po box will get original Riley/Eyelids art in return!!!

Eyelids  PO Box 82614 Portland OR 97272

Much more to come soon...



That's right....  Burger Records has been talking up the limited edition cassette only release of "854" for a while now and now they are finally here!!!  Enjoy "854" in the format preferred by the KidZ theMselfs...   Get the grabbers over at Burger by clicking HERE

Here is what the Zen Masters at Burger say:

TURN ON TO THE KILLER PSYCHEDELIC POWER POP SOUNDS OF PORTLAND'S Eyelids AND THEIR SERIOUSLY AMAZING NEW ALBUM "854" OUT THIS WEEK ON BURGER CASSETTE!!! All it takes is one listen and you'll be hooked!!!   BEYOND EXCELLENT!!!  Peel yer peepers and pick up the Burger cassette!!! LESSDODISS!!!   100% A+ GOOD JOB!

EYELIDS performing on LIVE WIRE w/ Janeane Garofalo, Dan Harmon, Chuck Palahnuik!!!

EYELIDS performing on LIVE WIRE w/ Janeane Garofalo, Dan Harmon, Chuck Palahnuik!!!

Eyelids is playing Live Wire on Sat. May 9th along with Janeane Garofalo, Dan Harmon, Chuck Palahniuk, Jackie Kashian, Helio Sequence... It's gonna be bonkers!!!  And it is Sold OUT...  well... they say they are going to have a few tickets available at the door...   Get there early!!!

From Live Wire:

Just added to our (already amazing) 5/9 show with Janeane Garofalo, Dan Harmon, and more: Eyelids!
Are they a super group? Well, the band is made up of current and former members of some pretty fantastic indie bands like The Decemberists, The Minus 5 and Guided By Voices, and their first LP 854 sounds pretty super, so we're going to go with "yes."
Listen to their latest single click here:…/eyelids_ft_mems.html

Record Store Day Split 7" with The Phoenix Foundation

Hey sure to head to your local record store on Sat. April 18th to grab a copy of this limited edition silk-screened 7" with our amazing pals from New Zealand, The Phoenix Foundation.   Only 523 copies...  Read below about how this crazy thing came to be and we hope you love it...

And if you're in the Portland area, Chris Slusarenko from Eyelids (aka DJ Couches) will be playing vinyl at Jackpot Records on Hawthorne Ave. on Record Store Day from 2-4pm...  Come by!!!

The Phoenix Foundation / Eyelids

Record Store Day split 7” 2015

Limited Edition hand silk screened cover (edition of 500)

Produced by Peter Buck of R.E.M. & TPF/Brett Stanton

Portland, Oregon and Wellington, New Zealand—unsurprising “sister” cities even despite those 7,125 miles that separates them.  Both are small “big” cities with a bustling music scene.  This hand-silkscreened limited edition 7” is the product of two bands from these cities—The Phoenix Foundation and Eyelids—and their mutual appreciation for music that is slightly melted in the center and currently running down the sides of your turntable.

Eyelids guitarist Jonathan Drews: “About 10 years ago, I stumbled across a random video of a band from Wellington called The Phoenix Foundation.  As to be expected from a New Zealand based musical group, these guys were good.  Really good.  They quickly became a favorite of ours.  It only made sense, then, that we should establish some sort of connection with our distant neighbors.”

The two bands became fast friends and the notion was suggested to do some spirited covers from two of their all time favorite bands (The victims: Australia’s best kept secret The Moles and the legendary German band Can).  Peter Buck from R.E.M. produced Eyelids side of the 7” (and even played some acoustic guitar on it), while The Phoenix Foundation recorded with Brett Stanton at the band’s home base,The Car Club.

Samuel Flynn Scott of The Phoenix Foundation: I think they’re quite enchanted by New Zealand’s musical history and from where we are in the world Portland seems like this magical wonderland where all our favourite US bands end up moving to. Covering Can almost seems like this obviously hip move but they are so great and that song is just infectious.”

“It’s definitely surreal to be hooking up with people who’ve played with Stephen Malkmus, Jason Lytle, Robert Pollard, The Decemberists and so on, and now Peter Buck is working on their next record and they want us to put out a 7” with them, I love that. New Zealand can be quite isolating so this is like some weird magic. And the Eyelids cover of The Moles is just great. Ha, I guess I sound pretty stoked.”

So there you are: Two bands, two sides, two covers, two corners of the world.  When they will get to shake hands remains to be seen but the proof is already in the pudding.  There is already a joy to this 7” that sounds as if they have been having drinks and laughs together for years.