EYELIDS & the week that will be coming up and such

Hey everyone....  we had a really great time playing our show in California last week.  We just started an instagram account (musicofeyelids) and it was really fun to document the whole dang thing from John's egg obsessions to photos & video of live sets (including a barn burner with Tommy Keene joining us on stage in Los Angeles).  

Sign up and get these gems coming.  Click HERE to check it out!

 Magnet Magazine did a MP3 preview of our track "Forget About Tomorrow" saying "the song is short and sweet, and in accordance with their previous work, it’s also beautifully and expertly composed."  Click HERE to listen to it.

Here's a cool review from UK's Neon Filler which says "854" is an early contender for album of the year.  Read what they said HERE.

Pop Matters had the exclusive for our video "Psych #1".  If you haven't seen it yet get damaged HERE.

The Fire Note says Eyelids have "produced a record that is not only timeless but a lot of fun to spin again and again."  Click HERE to read the review.

We are getting ready for some gnarly face time with Wimps & The Tripwires up in Seattle.   You can invite via Facebook HERE or get tickets HERE.   The Seattle Poster: