Happy New Year EVERYONE!!!

Thanks to everyone who made 2014 so fantastic... We had amazing shows with Rain Parade, Dream Syndicate, Lee Ranaldo, The Minders... made new friends with Summer Cannibals, Bed., Wimps, Cocktails, White Dove, The Phoenix Foundation, Verner Pantons, Denim Wedding, Woolen Men... Made messes of live covers with Stephen Malkmus, Steve Wynn, Jerry A and Peter Buck... Released two 7"s that just went out of print, loved working with Jealous Butcher in the U.S. and Moorworks in Japan on our first LP "854", did a West Coast Tour... Almost forgot about putting on that benefit at La Carreta for Sisters of the Road with Hutch from the Thermals and the Pynnacles...Was that really less than a year ago? And now 2015 is looking mighty too...a couple of exciting releases coming up, plenty of shows, some touring, probably some new friends too... that only seems right, right? And again thank you for coming to the shows, writing nice things, being supportive and all that jazz... Love,