The more time I spend with Eyelids’ second album, Or, the more certain I am that there’s no such thing as the passage of time. The members of this Portland band (who have played in, among others, Sprinkler, Elliott Smith, the Decemberists, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks) generate intelligent, emotional, muscular, nuanced guitar pop that would’ve been just as vital, and just as off-center, in 1977, 1987, 1997, or 2007, but works even better in 2017. There may be better rock bands playing in the region now, but don’t blame yourself if you can’t think of one after seeing Eyelids.

MOJO Magazine gives "or" 4 stars saying "where the hits keep coming."

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--The Color Of Its Own Reward's review of "854" exclaims "Who knew that we needed a psych-pop masterpiece in 2014!  Apparently Chris Slusarenko, John Moen and their compadres did, because Eyelids’ debut “854” treads the boards of sunny melancholia better than anything in recent memory...."

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--UK's Neon Filler loving some "Psych #1"

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--Fantastic review of "854" from the folks at IN YOUR SPEAKERS:

"The complexity of evoking opposite emotions within one song is an astonishing feat. Songs can mean different things to different people. It’s all a matter of interpretation, taste, and frame of mind. To construct a song, much less a record, which can co-exist as two personalities sharing the same identity, is awe inspiring. 854 consistently has the light and the dark and the ups and downs parallel to each other. Eyelids are for equal opportunity emotions."

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--Portland Mercury preview of "Psych #1" from Eyelids' Debut LP "854":

"Eyelids have a new song off their upcoming full-length album, 854, and while the title of "Psych #1" might seem generic, the music contained within is anything but. With cascades of acoustic guitars nestled against heaps of power-pop guitar, it's a concise slice of psychedelia of both vintage and paisley varietals. 854 is due out on the illustrious Jealous Butcher imprint on October 14, and Eyelids plays a FREE show this Saturday, September 27 at the Secret Society Ballroom; they're joined by Wild Bells and Paradise, and they're encouraging folks to come on down after Project Pabst. Eyelids have a few West Coast dates planned after that, and will return to Portland to play a record-release show on Thursday, October 30, also at the Secret Society, with the Minders and Denim Wedding. Plus they're recording a new EP in November with Peter Buck. In other words, Eyelids are busier than you."

Click HERE to listen


--Portland Mercury says the following about our performance for PDX POP FEST:

Eyelids (2:45 pm): It's not surprising that Eyelids sound like a sublime synthesis of Guided by Voices, Elliott Smith, and Stephen Malkmus, considering the group's members have played with all those artists. They're possibly one of the only bands whose music lives up to the "supergroup" designation.

photo by Todd Walberg

photo by Todd Walberg

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---Eyelids got a nice review in the Portland Mercury as one of the best musical moments of 2013!

Seeing Eyelids at the Doug Fir during MusicFestNW. This is the unsung supergroup of Portland if there ever was one. John Moen, Chris Slusarenko, Jonathan Drews, Jim Talstram, and Paulie Pulverenti really have some songs up their sleeves.  I am a sucker for this stuff and they pull off the pure power pop with aplomb.

Runners up: Savages at the Wonder, Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Edgefield, the National at Edgefield in the rain, and Pearl Jam at Moda Center. Damn!

—Mike Jones

Be sure to check out the video from our encore at MFNW here!

Steve Wynn of Dream Syndicate & Jerry A of Poison Idea join Eyelids (which features former members of Guided By Voices, Stephen Malkmus/Jicks, Sunset Valley) for a one off version of Gun Club's "Sex Beat". Live for MFNW Sept. 4th at Doug Fir in Portland, Oregon. Filmed by Andrew Barrick.



9/2/13:  Nice blushing preview of our MusicFestNW set coming up via Willamette Week:


[INDIE ROCK] Though they’ve only played a handful of shows, the main members of Eyelids—Jonathan Drews (Sunset Valley), Chris Slusarenko (Guided by Voices) and John Moen (the Decemberists, Elliott Smith, Stephen Malkmus)—are well used to the stares of the adoring faithful through their key roles in legendary acts. The illustrious sidemen bring the same instrumental facility and formidable connoisseurship to this guitar-pop master class. (JH)

Doug Fir Lounge, 8 pm.


Here is a list of some of accomplishments previous to EYELIDS:



Pitchfork Media:

More credit must be given to drummer John Moen and particularly guitarist/bassist Chris Slusarenko, who helped buoy Brown Submarine and keep Planets Are Blasted moving ever-skyward. Moen's just got more to play with here than he did on the fairly straightforward Submarine songs, and his burly tromping keep the big moments pumping through your chest long after they're over. But it's Slusarenko who's really got Pollard's number, filling in the blanks in the tunes with punchy bass work and note-perfect guitar stabs. Instrumentally, Pollard's solo work all too often zigs when it seems stupid not to zag. But Slursarenko seems to have a clear sense of how best to serve the songs, and when to get the hell out of the way. 


The Planets Are Blasted, Our Cubehouse Still Rocks, and especially Let It Beard deserve to be heard in full, but for casual observers wondering what Robert Pollard was doing before re-forming Guided by Voices, Out of the Universe by Sundown confirmed that he could still write great songs and deliver the rock action when he had the right guys helping him out.  So maybe Robert Pollard didn't need a different work ethic -- he just needed a good band in his corner, and Boston Spaceships is helping to reestablish him as one of the most satisfying talents in indie rock.




Allmusic:  This is likely what Malkmus was seeking in a band, since the essential tone, tenor, and aesthetic of his music hasn't changed since he disbanded Pavement. What has changed is the feel. No longer is it sprawling, messy, and unpredictable; it's relaxed, meandering, and comfortable.







Enough said...